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Student Exchange Program

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This student exchange program offers a special opportunity for students, ages 16 to 29, to participate in summer exchanges with one of our international sister cities. To qualify, students must be attending a public or private high school or college in the area served by Pasadena City College and the City of Pasadena or be a resident of Pasadena, if attending college elsewhere. College students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 units. Students selected for the exchange program will participate in Pasadena Sister City activities and help provide housing for visiting students the following summer.

  • Our sister cities provides accommodations with host families and visits to local attractions. Pasadena Sister Cities Committee provides insurance and a stipend for travel expenses.
  • The student pays for his/her transportation and miscellaneous personal expenses.
  • The term of exchange varies from country to country. Students may travel after the exchange is completed, but not during the exchange dates agreed upon.

LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY A city on the Rhine River near Mannheim and Heidelberg. College students preferred; however high school students welcomed. Summer program, about four to six weeks from June to August. Home stays with families. Work experience will be determined by the host city. German language is desired.

MISHIMA, JAPAN A city at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. College students preferred. Summer program, about two to four weeks in late July to August. Odd years Pasadena goes to Mishima and Even years Mishima comes to Pasadena. Students may assist part-time in English classes, Japanese language helpful, not required. Any experience will be determined by the host city.

JARVENPAA, FINLAND A suburb north of Helsinki, home of the music composer Sibelius. High school or college students are welcome. Summer program, about two to four weeks from June to August. Home stay with families for a Cultural exchange, Finnish language is not required.

VANADZOR, ARMENIA Third largest city in Armenia, 2 hours north of Yerevan High school or college students are welcome. Summer program, about one to three weeks from June to August This is a Cultural exchange, Armenian language helpful.

DAKAR-PLATEAU, SENEGAL Senegal is one of West Africa’s most popular destinations, Dakar- Plateau, is a vibrant city famous for its lively markets and rich musical culture and the southernmost district in the Capital City of Dakar. Senegal is a French speaking country, students seeking to apply are not required to speak French. Student exchange program is scheduled to begin in 2021.

SISTER CITIES INTERNATIONAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE This exchange is in the United States and is Diplomatic simulations and special speakers with other students from around the world. Staying in dorms. Summer program approximately one week in July of each year. High school or college students, but no one older than 18 years of age may participate.

Please use the check list on Page 3 to make sure your application is complete. Please send your completed application package by emailed to: not later than January 30 each year. When your complete application has been received you will receive a confirmation. We will schedule you for a short interview so we can get to know you better. We will contact you to schedule the date and time. All students applying are required to join Pasadena Sister Cities Committee (PSCC); student dues are $10. Use the Membership Application.

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